Sunday, August 29, 2010

A quick omelet

I have come a long way from when I did not even know how to cook myself an egg. But I still remain a rookie in the kitchen. And an omelet usually containing more than one egg, I am going to keep this recipe simple.

Hence we are going to use the usual veggie culprits: green bell pepper, onions and green chilis. Recurrent basics for most of the meals I have learnt so far...

Let's start by breaking the eggs into a bowl, without making a mess, please. For fanciness you can add a pinch of cumin to the mix. Stir.

Since we bothered cutting them, we can now also throw in the onions, the bell peppers and chilis. Some salt would not hurt.

Now is time for the tricky part, the actual cooking. Oil the pan and medium heat. Then spread the mix evenly into it.

Flip it when possible so that both sides are cooked as desired. I like it a bit brown. Plus, it is easier to flip!

By the way, here is a simple trick to ease the flip (jedi level involves juggling with the pan) so that the omelet does not end in some other place than your intended happy stomach (e.g. on the stove in multiple pieces, on the floor, your pants, your cat's face, etc...) : slide the omelet in a plate, cover it with the pan, flip.

Now serve in a plate and eat, there is nothing fancy here, as it is meant as a quick meal! But next time I hope to blog about a more substantial omelet, the Spanish omelet...


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