Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Indian Cooking

My roomate Pinkesh is trying to teach me how to cook vegeterian food. First I have to say I am a terrible cook. So back to basics, I take notes and pictures at all steps of the process.

So here is a first batch of photos so I can actually remember what we did. And if it can help you in the process, then it makes more happy vegeterian-indian-food-loving people on this Earth. And it surely makes it better. Why ? Well this guy will summarize better than me anyway.

So let's see. Something simple. Something simple that tastes good : how to cook green beans other than the horrible dried ones that were imposed to me in the numerous school canteens in France when I was young ?

Here goes.
First, cut them into small pieces!

Grind 4 Chilis. Or less. Or more. You decide how foolish you want to be.

Oil the pan and heat the oil with a nice flame. Then when hot, dump cumin seeds and ajwain.

Add the green beans in the pan. Add turmeric powder.

Add the chilis.

Cover the pan, stir regularly and put the water from the lid back into the pan.

This is nearly done now. Keep stirring from time to time, just for the fun. Lower the flame.

When done, add freshly cut cilantro on top. Let sit.

Warm up some pita bread, don't forget the life-saving yoghurt on the side, it's deliciously ready !


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  1. Yummy, yummy! Hard to wait until you come home! Because you know I'm not a good cook at all.
    Keep learning! :)